The Rough Writing Road

A 16 week Online Course on Journaling

Join one of South Africa’s leading writing coaches, Dorian Haarhoff on a journey that can change your life. In this course, Dorian shares his vast experience as lecturer/coach/author/storyteller (and so much more) to ensure you get the most out of journaling.

Whether you are a leader who want to become more mindful, a coach/consultant/councilor who want to be more grounded, or just want to get in touch with your creative self. This course will help you discover the inner voice that will guide you on the Rough Road towards your destiny/dream.

Over the course of 16 weeks, Dorian will be  your guide, pausing and considering the following topics:

  1. The Nature of a Journal
  2. Many Selves
  3. Dreaming
  4. Learning to Swim
  5. Living the Questions Now
  6. Questions, Quests and Unexpected Answers
  7. We are Fiction
  8. Getting out of the Prison
  9. The Suffering
  10. Serious Play
  11. The Fire that will warm you Five Times
  12. Retraining the Eye
  13. The Generations
  14. The Wise Child
  15. Saying Yes and No
  16. Don’t Know Mind

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